Hi, I’m Connie, the founder of WatsonKids.

WatsonKids Clothing was born in lockdown when my normal job as a Costume Designer for Theatre was put on hold. I had been thinking about starting a children’s wear company for a while and thought lockdown was the perfect opportunity to launch.

With my first niece on the way, I scoured the internet for a personalised jumper and was surprised not to find anything like what I was looking for. Therefore, I decided to create my own. With more and more children coming into our lives, most recently our daughter born at the end of last year, gifts that I would like to give or receive have been at the forefront of our collections.

Born into a farming family and since marrying into another, everything is made from our farmhouse in Northamptonshire.

Our WatsonKids logo is based around the ‘W’ that was historically used on the farm to identify the livestock with paint. I truly love living on the farm, in the wonderful countryside and it brings daily inspiration for WatsonKids.